Our objective

Our goal at Singer is to contribute on all fronts to society. We are a business with a great team of active ‘givers’ both with our time and money. However, we have now reached a certain scale where we can start contributing more and, hopefully, with greater impact. We strongly believe that helping and changing our world should be tackled collegiately with both actions and investment, which forms the basis of our initiatives.

Our objective is to contribute both time and investment across three key areas:

1. Green Energy and Sustainability

  • A commitment to reducing waste and being more eco-friendly as an office – we have gone 100% digital and recycle all office rubbish
  • A strong focus in supporting businesses in sustainable industries, particularly green technology and other related services
  • A dedicated in-house ‘green team’ to help those companies making a difference by connecting them with relevant investors

2. Work / Life Balance, Diversity and Inclusion

  • An introduction to unlimited holidays to ensure our people take the time off they need, when they need it – balance is essential
  • A prominent ‘open-door’ ethos which encourages our people to voice their ideas, further themselves and make a successful career and life at N+1 Singer
  • A focus on equal pay and equal opportunity – every person has the chance to perform brilliantly and be remunerated accordingly
  • Encouraging diversity and promoting the importance of this – we are currently the exclusive partners of Chelsea FC Women

3. Singer Social Impact Fund

  • The formation of the ‘Singer Social Impact Fund’ which allows our staff to allocate a certain percentage of their profit share and bonus to the fund, which will go towards causes that have a direct impact on the well-being within our society
  • A dedicated ‘Singer Social Impact’ committee who work on supporting local initiative that we feel passionately about – we currently support the educational charity, IntoUniversity, who help children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds reach their educational potential


Proudly working with and supporting…


For more information about Singer Social Impact, our partnerships or any other related information, please contact our Singer Social Impact Committee.