N+1 Singer support IntoUniversity’s “Big City Bright Future” Insight Day

N+1 Singer were delighted to recently take part in IntoUniversity’s “Big City Bright Future” Virtual Insight Day.

The Insight Day was put together in support of the ‘Big City Bright Future’ internship programme, which gives IntoUniversity students the opportunity to undertake a three-week paid internship with a number of IntoUniversity partner firms during the summer.

 During the day, our volunteers were responsible for communicating to over 200 students about our industry, what to expect from working in Investment Banking and what life is like at N+1 Singer.

 We thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many fantastic students and learning more about their future ambitions. We look forward to meeting some of the students again when they intern with us this summer as part of the “Big City Bright Future” programme.

It was great to participate in the BCBF insight day! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing more about the ambitions of the students, and it was particularly pleasing to see so many interested in financial services.”

A big thank you to the our staff who volunteered for the day: Sarah-Rose Perry (Compliance), Matthew McEachran (Research), Iqra Amin (Investment Banking), Alex Estefanous (Research), Gareth Henderson (Trading) and Harold Evans (Research).

Our Partnership with IntoUniversity

Since 2019, N+1 Singer have partnered with IntoUniversity – a growing educational charity working to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The initiative was created to address the issue of children and young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are “nearly four times less likely to go to university than those in the most advantaged areas.” Over the last 15 years, the charity have helped over 100,000 children and young people access higher education, and intend to continue to do so by operating more centres and having more staff nationally.

Learn more about our charitable work here.

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