Equity Raising

We have great relationships with all the leading UK Fund Managers, Wealth Managers and Specialist Funds which means we can identify the right investors for your company.

As a team we have a cross section of Sector knowledge and like nothing more than meeting great companies irrespective of the size, our view is that ‘from small acorns mighty oaks grow’.

Our focus on relationships makes us one of the most respected teams in the Small Cap space so please get in touch so we can hear your story or else we are even more delighted to come and visit your business.

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Alex Hardwicke
Head of Sales

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Trusted Advice

Our advisory team loves providing strategic advice to mid and small cap companies. Our people are experienced and ideally placed to provide informed opinion on the likely impact of corporate strategies.

We advise growth companies at all stages of their development from a Private Company to becoming Public. We handle every aspect of your listing to make it as easy as possible and reduce the burden on your management time.

We aim to be your trusted advisor, underpinned by long term relationships, a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and a shared motivation to see you achieve your goals and ambitions.

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Shaun Dobson
Head of Corporate Finance

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Valued Research

N+1 Singer has an exceptional team of analysts who provide detailed coverage on over 200 companies.

Our coverage of the UK Small & Mid Cap sector, one of the most detailed and focused in the market, is distributed daily to over 1000 investment professionals. In addition our research is also available to private investors who meet the criteria to be considered Elective Professional Clients, as defined by the FCA, via Research Tree.

We currently provide in depth research on the following sectors:

  • Chemicals
  • Consumer & Leisure
  • General Financials
  • Healthcare
  • Homebuilding & Construction
  • Industrials
  • Investment Funds
  • Life Sciences
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Support Services
  • Technology

We are happy to meet companies, public or private, to discuss your business and the sectors you operate in. Our sector experts are regularly recognised in their fields, but we are always keen to learn more and share what we know. Please get in touch.

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Mark Gibbon
Head of Research

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We offer a full M&A service to all our clients and have an exceptionally strong partner in ALANTRA.

Alantra give us access to all the global markets including USA and China, which gives us unparalleled ability to help our clients grow. We have operated in the UK for 10 years and the strength and breadth of our team means we have contacts within a vast array of UK companies both public and private.

We look forward to helping your Corporate ambitions.

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Sandy Fraser
Head of M&A Corporate Finance

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o Provide our institutional clients with access to our dealing platform with the appropriate levels of service

o Charge in an appropriate and transparent way

o Be industry experts in our chosen research sectors

o Provide high quality advice for our corporate clients




The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is the framework of European Union (EU) legislation for:
o investment intermediaries that provide services to clients around shares, bonds, units in collective investment schemes and derivatives (collectively known as ‘financial instruments’), and

o the organised trading of financial instruments
MiFID was applied in the UK from November 2007, but is now being revised to improve the functioning of financial markets in light of the financial crisis and to strengthen investor protection.

The changes are currently set to take effect from 3 January 2018, with the new legislation being known as MiFID II – this includes a revised MiFID and a new Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation (MiFIR).




N+1 Singer is an investment firm offering execution services as a broker and market maker.






To prepare for unbundling N+1 Singer is implementing a new charging structure for its research and other services which will enable the buy side to account for their fees to clients and comply with the new regulatory rules.

We are committed to providing insightful and thought provoking research to our clients. In terms of payment channels N+1 Singer will support clients who wish to pay for research either out of their own funds or via a Research Payment Account.

We are finalising our research product and have been taking market soundings.


Will N+1 Singer become a Systematic Internaliser?


No – As a registered market maker on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) we make quotes publically available by publishing two way prices and providing liquidity.

N+1 Singer executes on own account, and our UK equity trading is trade reported to the LSE. As a result, these trades are brought under the rules and systems of the Exchange and are considered to be “on-venue” trades.


Best Execution

As part of the firm’s preparations for MiFID II, N+1 Singer will be updating our Best Execution Policy to provide further information on exactly what best execution means and it is projected that this policy will be available from Q4 2017.

The firm will also be making RTS28 (top 5 venue) disclosures from Q1 next year, and these will be made public via our website.


Transaction Reporting


In general terms MiFID II has increased the reportable fields and the types of asset classes. N+1 Singer currently transaction reports under MiFID and will continue to do so under MiFID II once we have completed enhancing our internal processes and databases to cater for the new fields. In doing so we will require the following additional information:

o Legal Entity Identifier (for all entity clients)

o Natural Person IDs (for all private/custody clients)

o Short sell indicator (on all sell orders in shares)


Trade Reporting

The new legislation requires post trade transparency through real-time trade reporting. Post-trade transparency will be required for all equity asset classes (shares, ETFs, certificates, depositary receipts and other similar) and non-equity asset classes (fixed income, structured products, emission allowances and derivatives).

Terms of Business

MiFID II will require N+1 Singer to update many of our client facing documentation. We envisage that some will be small changes and others would be more extensive such as Best Execution or the firm’s Order Execution Policy.







For any client related queries or questions please refer them to the following:
Email: / Tel: 02074963090

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Mark Gibbon
Head of Research

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Corporate Broking

Our Corporate Broking team provides the bridge between companies and investors. Acting as an advocate in the market, we shape the equity story and communicate key messages to investors to maximise valuation and optimally position our clients for raising capital in the future.

Our experienced corporate brokers keep clients informed with market intelligence and detailed investor feedback, and act as a sounding board for management teams for corporate strategy and development decisions.

Our integrated investor relations team develop our clients’ share ownership through detailed analysis and targeting to build a register of long-term, supportive holders.

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Michael Taylor
Head of Corporate Broking

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Our IPO team excels at introducing exciting and dynamic businesses to the public markets. We have exceptionally broad and deep experience at listing companies on the Main Market and on AIM, and we love shaping and packaging the investment thesis to achieve the best possible reception and valuation.

We are thorough, diligent and creative, ensuring a smooth transaction process as well as delivering targeted investor marketing to ensure the story reaches the right audience, to achieve a high quality shareholder register for optimal aftermarket performance.

We are particularly experienced at positioning new and inventive companies, from early stage pre-profitability tech start-ups to life-science innovators to consumer disruptors. If you are thinking about going public, get in touch and we would love to help.

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Michael Taylor
Head of Corporate Broking

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