Our client-focused strategy is supported by our core values; integrity, partnership, excellence and continuous improvement

Corporate Responsibility

N+1 Singer strives to achieve long-term profitability, underpinned by robust risk management and corporate governance. It is the foundation for achieving our strategy and together with the practice of our core values; they support the delivery of responsible, ethical and sustainable business outcomes. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (‘CSR’) Framework supports our business strategy and is aligned with our purpose as a competitive UK small and mid-cap broker dedicated to our people, clients and shareholders.

  • Diversity: Understanding the strength of a diverse and inclusive workforce where the backgrounds and life experience of employees help to forge strong relationships, innovation and aid in making more informed decisions
  • Training & Development: Investment in the growth and development of our employees and providing opportunities to those in the community
  • Corporate Wellbeing: Promotion of a healthy workforce and safe working environment that supports physical and mental wellbeing
  • Community Engagement: Earning community trust is fundamental to building our reputation. We engage with and invest in the community around us to help build opportunity
  • Environmental Sustainability: Supporting businesses that improve environmental sustainability and implementing solutions that help us operate with a reduced environmental impact

Our approach 

Our clients are at the heart of every decision and we’re committed to providing them with the best possible outcomes over the long term. We do this by offering an integrated service underpinned by our partnership structure, core values and desire to keep getting better. Our client-focused strategy is supported by our core values;

  • Integrity: Always do the right thing. N+1 Singer is built on long-lasting relationships, founded on trust. We treat our employees, clients and shareholders with fairness and respect, with the goal of building long-term relationships and a stronger culture
  • Partnership: Work as one for our clients and shareholders. Working collaboratively and simplifying the way we do things creates efficiency and helps achieve better outcomes. This is critical to our long-term success
  • Excellence: Be the best, be business minded and professional, and help people progress. This encompasses competence, knowledge, resourcefulness, quality, attitude, diligence and cooperation to how we provide our services and how we work with each other
  • Continuous Improvement: We want to make our business progressively better by seeking and applying technology and ways of working to enhance productivity and to help us provide better services that meet the evolving needs of our clients

For more information about our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, please contact our CSR Team who will be able to provide you with further information.

Contact us  

Carlo Spingardi, Associate – Corporate Finance 

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